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A.R.M. security's central monitoring station (or control room) in West Perth has a Grade A1 National Security Accreditation, ensuring that your alarm events are always handled in a professional and appropriate manner.

For our bureau clients we offer a full Web management facility (Sims Web) for agents to view / update their own lines details. we also offer email & facsimile automated reports.

Police Response Policy

It is important that you, as a monitored client understand when the Police will respond to alarms. Control rooms must contact their clients to establish the veracity of alarms prior to contacting the Police. The Police will prioritize attendance to category "A" alarms as "high priority".

Category "A" alarms consist of;


Please Note: There are new requirements in relation to Duress / Hold-up alarms. Please see below for further information.

Any other monitored alarm is classed as a category "B" alarm and given a "low priority" status unless there is some other evidence of a crime being committed. Category "C" alarms are any unmonitored alarm and they will be categorised as "not a priority".

The Police will only categorise multi-sector or multi-break alarms (ie more than on break on the same sector) as category "A" if "keys to the premises are available to enable Police to access within a reasonable time." This makes it all the more impotant to ensure your list of keyholders is current and makes the inclusion of our security guards amongst your keyholders as a sensible and strongly recommended feature of your overall security.

Duress Alarms New Policy

Recently the WA Police Department in conjunction with the Security Agents Institute issued a revised policy statement in regards to the treatment of duress and hold-up alarms. Please click on this link for further information. [go]